Girl Biceps – My Uncensored Story

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Hey, this is Kristine!

I’m so happy that you found my site. I want to share here one of the best methods to build female biceps that really work. Click here to see how I developed my girls biceps!

First, I would like to share with you my uncensored story how did I learn about it. And it was quite a ride to get the body I have right now (but so worth it!!). Please keep reading….

Let’s begin from the start. 2 Years ago I was living alone, studding psychology back then. I was having problems with my weight all my teenage years and it never stopped. I always wanted to look like this head-turning bikini girl with flat stomach. But it wasn’t me…

I never really felt attractive and attention-worthy person but I was seeking it secretly. All I wanted is to attract this Mr Right and be happy with him. But with all my belly fat and thunder thighs I thought I’m not meant to have a fun life..

I had to buy new, less attractive clothes cause I couldn’t fit anymore in my favorite skinny jeans and tight shirt.

One day, it was actually Wednesday, I said NO! I can change my life situation now and stop playing this ‘victim role’. I wanted to lose my weight, become more fit person. I also wanted to have girl biceps, maybe it’s just my thing. So I started going to the gym. And… it wasn’t pleasant!

In my first session at the gym I started with a treadmill. During first few minutes I was completely exhausted… I had to stop.

Next day I bought some women’s fitness magazines and started to create my ‘fitness plan’. I even bought some expensive supplements to muscle growth.  I was going to the gym almost everyday, doing cardio exercises almost non stop with little breaks. I tried to develop my muscles too. I did different bicep exercises that I read in magazines.

After over 6 months of this unbearable training I didn’t see many changes. I was still not burning my fat, spent a lot of money on supplements with no visible muscle growth. I had to ask myself ‘is that something I’m doing wrong’?

And here it is, one day my best friend told me about this ‘amazing’ guide where you can achieve the body of your dreams in just few months. I didn’t really believe it at the first time…. but I tried it. I must say it was quite a big shock to me after I read this guide. I learned that almost everything I was doing was plain WRONG. Oh my god…

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One of the main things I was sabotaging my success with was doing this endless cardio. The key for a woman to get this dream body is to gain lean muscle. Gaining girls biceps can create a better, more desirable figure and burn this nasty fat.

At first the system seemed to be too over-complicated. But I gave it a try. I stopped what I was doing right away. First time in my life, I saw the results of my sweat and tears, and it was so liberating! I was gaining tone lean muscles, my biceps started to develop a nice shape and I started to burn this belly fat that I hated! WOW! I must say that was one of the best experiences in my life. I now look at myself and I’m a completely different person.

I’m more confident, men started to ask me for a number and I have a fantastic private life. I feel elegant and sexy. I love this feeling of having this perfect clothes on me and getting all the attention. I really feel I deserve it. And you deserve it too!

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Girls with Big Biceps – How Do They Do That?

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Many people say that girls can’t develop big biceps because of the lack of testosterone. This can be good for women that are just looking for a slim look. But for women bodybuilders who want to grow a really big biceps there are 2 crucial things to remember.

First, do less reps and more weight. Gym is a perfect place for it. You will find many types of bicep machines like barabell bicep curl, one arm hammer, preacher curl and many others. Try to do 2-3 types of bicep exercises, with at least 6 reps and 3 sets. If you can do more than 8 reps, increase the weight. You will feel the burn in your biceps – that’s when the most progress is done. Remember that the repetition is only the part of the success. Other parts are concentration and proper methods. It will save you from unnecessary injuries.

Second thing for a woman to grow biceps is to have a heavy protein supplementation. Many bodybuilder girls take hormone to gain muscles, but I wouldn’t recommend this. There are many side effects in using hormone supplements so remember to contact your doctor beforehand.

In conclusion, yes, you can grow female bicep. Lack of testosterone won’t prevent you from developing a muscle girl biceps. The results will depend on your determination and hard work.

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Girl Biceps – The Truth

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The thing is I always wanted to have a girl bicep. I know, maybe it’s not a common thing for a woman but I always fancied this idea. At the time I also discovered that developing muscles can also help in my weight loss.

There is a lot of misconception in women’s fitness magazines and on the internet. Most routines to gain muscles are created for men, and men only! As a woman you have to approach this differently. Also most of them focus on mass muscle development. That wasn’t what I was looking for.

I created this blog to share some amazing tips to gain muscles, biceps for women. It’s a key to stay in shape forever and lose fat. I couldn’t believe it too when I discovered it, but now it’s so true… If you want to be a healthy person and never have problems with your weight, listen to my advices. It’s really worth it!

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